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This FREE site was created to assist you with learning the material and testing your knowledge of the USAREUR Driver License manual for Germany.

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Use the numbered tabs above to study and practice: Start with tab 1 and work your way to tab 3. Be sure to take your time, as skipping any steps may hinder your ability to pass the official test.

If you do not already have a copy of the study material, you can download it here. The manual is AE Pamphlet 190-34 and USAFE Pamphlet 31-206, called "Drivers Handbook and Examination Manual for Germany."

To help you study the material more easily, we have put together two interactive study guides. To pass the official test, you will need to know the material in both study guides, as well as the mandatory video in step 2. Please select which study guide you would like to review:

There are a few pieces of information that are not in any of the study guides or videos that you also need to know for the official test. You can view this information here .

There are two instructional videos to view. You will need to know the information in the Driving in Europe video when you take your official test. Particularly, pay close attention to the blood-alcohol level information, as you will be tested on this along with other information from the video. The second video is highly recommended viewing for your own safety while driving.

When you feel that you have sufficiently studied the Study Guides and you are ready to test your knowledge, select a test you would like to take below. We recommend that you practice until you consistently score high on each test.

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