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Imagine being able to advertise your business to people
  • Before they even know who your competition is!

  • Just before they arrive to Germany!

  • Who have only been in Germany for just a few weeks!

  • Who have not yet received any other form of your advertising!
This is all possible with!

As you probably know, when people arrive to Germany, there are certain things that must be accomplished very quickly. For example, people will need to get ADAC, insurance, a realtor, a car, car parts, car repair, names of good area restaurants, names of good doctors, telephone service, TV service, and more. is perfect for getting your business name to these people both inexpensively and at the exact time that they need your service! provides your business with one of the best methods to reach people who need your service. Your company can advertise directly to people who may not have yet seen Find-It Guide, Kaiserslautern American, or other popular forms of advertising in Kaiserslautern and the surrounding areas. This means that instead of your advertising money being lost in the crowd of other advertisements by your competitors, you have the perfect opportunity to reach your customers in a place that is free of your competition!

The audience of is comprised of people who have either not yet arrived in Germany, but will be arriving very soon, or of people who have newly arrived in Germany within the past few weeks. This allows you to advertise your business to the people who need your service before they have a chance to know who your competition is.

How does accomplish this? Great question!

In order for American citizens working with the U.S. government in Germany to drive a personally owned vehicle, a written test must be passed. This includes military and civilian husbands, wives, and children of driving age. The problem, until now, is that 30% of first time test takers fail the exam. We have created a solution to assist test takers with passing their test the first time. provides an online solution for people in need of studying for and passing the written driver’s license test. This means that has the potential to have one of the largest audiences of any website specifically created for Department of Defense personnel coming to Germany!

By displaying your company banner on, you will be able to reach people who need your service before they arrive, and immediately after they arrive to Germany. There is no better time to reach your potential customers than at the moment they require your service.

A great number of people will study for their driver license before they arrive using, which makes our site an excellent way to start promoting your business to future arrivals, making your business the first place people will look when they arrive in Germany. Most other advertising will not advertise your name in advance of your customer arriving in Germany. Instead, the other types of advertising give people your business name after they
have arrived, and alongside of your competitors! does not advertise for your competition! Your business will be given exclusive same zone rights on our site to ensure that your advertising is not diminished by competing businesses. This means that
for the space you choose to advertise in, your competition will not be allowed to advertise in the same space.

Since's audience is people needing their driver’s license, the audience of will be constantly changing. This is a great opportunity for you to advertise on a website on which you will always have a fresh audience as new people continue coming to Germany. You will always
be advertising to people who will either need your service very soon or who need your service right now, making advertising on a wise investment.

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